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Moira Buttimer - Consultant

Moira Buttimer received a BBA in Risk Management and Insurance from the University of Georgia in 1992, and has worked for FRS for over a decade, assisting clients with Second Injury Fund recoveries.  As the senior member of the investigative division, Moira has a thorough, in-depth knowledge of the laws of the various State Funds, and is an expert in handling files from Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana. In 1995, Moira took the lead in a large project for one of our major clients, which has resulted in millions of dollars in recoveries from the Florida Fund. Moira has also been a presenter at the annual Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation Conference. Moira's excellent communication skills and many years of experience have enabled her to establish long lasting relationships with our clients, and make her a valuable resource for them, ensuring a maximum recovery rate on their Second Injury Fund cases.

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Marc Klaus - Consultant

Marc Klaus received a BBA in Risk Management and Insurance from the University of Georgia in 1992. Since beginning with FRS in 1997, Marc has successfully qualified over 450 claims, leading to recoveries in excess of $25 million. Marc has traveled extensively throughout the Southeast Region to meet with FRS customers to ensure service continuity. Marc has also enjoyed traveling throughout Georgia to meet with employers to help them gain a greater understanding of the Georgia Subsequent Injury Trust Funds purposes, and to assist in executing the required Employers Knowledge Affidavits. In addition, Marc has taken a leadership role for FRS in South Carolina Second Injury Fund expertise, as well as handling investigations in Louisiana. Marc's commitment to developing and maintaining ongoing relationships with FRS customers, his knowledge base in investigating and perfecting claims, as well as his attention to detail ensures the FRS client a total professional commitment.

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Cindy McNally - Consultant

Cindy McNally is a Certified Workers' Compensation Professional and a licensed workers' compensation claim adjuster. Mrs. McNally began her career as a multi-line claim assistant in the property casualty claim operation of a major insurer.  Mrs. McNally's responsibilities increased to include managing, negotiating, mediating multifaceted claims and overseeing the handling of millions of dollars in claims. Mrs. McNally has extensive experience in identifying and perfecting claims to obtain reimbursements from the Subsequent Injury Trust Funds.

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Carol A. DAlessandro - Vice-President

Carol A. DAlessandro has worked in the Workers' Compensation and Group Health fields for the last 37 years  Carol studied Health Sciences at Slippery Rock State University (yes, they still have a great football team!) and began her career as a Unit Coordinator at Massachusetts General Hospital.  Her career path has included national and regional management positions at United Healthcare Corp., The Travelers, American International Healthcare (AIG), Lincoln National Insurance Co., and U. S. Healthcare, Inc.

Carol took over the role as Vice-President of FRS, Inc. in July 2000.  The focus of her work is to coordinate and support all activities relating to Account Management, the investigative efforts by the field consultants, pre and post acceptance work, interacting with the State Funds, and the investigative process of acquiring all necessary provider information and data as required by jurisdiction.

Carol's approach to account management is a simple one: if you really listen to what a customer says they will tell you what they need.  It is Carol's goal to ensure that FRS listens clearly to our customers and implements a decisive course of action tailored to their specific needs.

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Sherae Peters - Senior Claims/Reimbursement Specialist

Sherae Peters has worked for FRS since 1994 in all administrative areas of the subsequent injury recovery process. Her special expertise has been a focus on maximizing recoveries through a detailed reimbursement process. Ms. Peters is an expert at handling all reimbursement requests to each Fund, including Florida, South Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana.

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Jen Robinson - Claim Service Representative

Jen Robinson received a BS in Criminal Justice Administration from Park University. She has been employed as a Claim Service Representative with FRS for four years and handles Second Injury Fund investigations in Georgia, South Carolina , Louisiana, and Florida.

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Ree Lake - Claim Service Representative

Ree Lake has over three years experience working with the Georgia and Louisiana Subsequent Injury Trust Funds. Her responsibilities include in-depth file investigation and case analysis, and she has been responsible for significant recoveries for our clients. Ree has experience with complex cases, and is capable of preparing and submitting reimbursements to the various Funds. When added to an excellent ability to establish and maintain a high degree of customer service, Ree is a valuable and well-rounded resource for FRS clients. Ree has a B.A of History and Psychology from Georgia State University.

Colleen Robertson

Laurie Mathews
Client Service Representatives

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Kate Patke
Client Service Representative

Kristi Birkhead

Shannon Konishi

Colleen Robertson, Kate Patke, Laurie Mathews, Kristi Birkhead, and Shannon Konishi

Referred to by the staff as The Dream Team, Colleen Robertson, Kate Patke, Laurie Mathews, Kristi Birkhead and Shannon Konishi provide clients with a wide variety of customer service support. Responsible for the accurate and timely updating of files, they use their combined experience in the insurance industry to the benefit of our customers.

With over 45 years of experience between them, many in the field of workers compensation, they are a valuable resource for both the clients of FRS and the staff Consultants. Working with both the investigative and reimbursement divisions of FRS, they work diligently to research and obtain relevant bills, documents, EOBs and Board forms to maximize the clients' financial benefits.

The Dream Team also provides support to FRS Consultants by making sure all documents necessary for a successful investigation are researched and obtained in a timely manner.

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Tammy Dorsey -

Tammy Dorsey joined Fund Recovery Specialists in July 2003. Her primary area of expertise is in Workers' Compensation claim management. Tammy began her career in the Commercial Insurance division of a major insurer in 1986. Her position grew in responsibilities to include multi-state and managing of complex, high-value claims. She has experience in Workers' Compensation Claim management in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee.

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